In the internet era, it is very important to have an online presence. Most businesses have already realized this and thus they are taking assistance from professional web designers to come up with professional websites. An online website can enhance the presence of your business, help in drawing attention of the internet users, increase sales and profits. However, online businesses do make a lot of web design mistakes and they need to be avoided. Below you will find the list of top 4 mistakes.

Choosing any random web design company

Just to save a few bucks, online businesses make the mistake of choosing any web design company. Apart from this, some businesses are in too much in hurry to gain online visibility and thus end up choosing an inexperienced company for web designing. It is important to make substantial researches and choose a company which has an outstanding reputation. Check out the past works and the portfolio of businesses the company has worked with. You may even have a look at the websites designed by the company in the past.

Creating a single page website

It is not enough to give important information about your business to the internet users. In fact, your potential customers wish to know more about you. They wish to know about the people who are behind you, your company’s aims and vision, your company’s history and various other things. When your potential customers find all the information about you, they begin to trust you. If the information is lacking, they will not trust you or gain confidence in you. Try and optimize your site for the major search engines. You may include separate blogs for each product of yours.

Having a very cluttered and messy look

If the information on your website appears to be cluttered, it will only irritate the users. They will thus move away from your site and switch on to some other. The design and layout must be simple, beautiful and should not confuse the visitors. Do not include too much of flash displays.

Designing website only for PC computers

In the current times, more than 90% of people have smart phones. So, design your website for the smart phones and the desktop computers.

Try and avoid the above 4 mistakes if you want to create a positive impression about your business on others.

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